FI management

The core business of the company is providing the services of a CFO for small or medium-sized client enterprises (SMEs), through continuous work on a part-time basis and at a cost that is proportional to the contracted services.

We recognised ourselves in that definition of a consultant, the way the five-year old Mia defined it, and that description is the vision and the mission of our business and our desire to help our clients to be better, bigger and stronger, is the purpose of our existence.

  • Cash Flow
    A great product, a great team, a great reputation - none of it matters if your business has no cash.
  • Profit Improvement
    Most entrepreneurs are focused on increasing sales or turnover, however the real measure of success is in fact profit.
  • Banking
    Believe it or not, banks can be your friend!
  • Internal Controls
    Without well managed system and processes, loss of control over the business is quick and efficient.
  • Reporting
    This is the ultimate tool if you want to have a clear and transparent overview of your business.
  • Risk Management
    It is good to be optimistic, but foolish to ignore risks.
  • Planning
    ... failing to plan is planning to fail ...
  • Tax Management
    A headache for every business owner who requires specialist know-how.
  • Investments
    Before we make a decision we must be aware of our options.
  • Restructuring
    A life-saving amputation.
  • Funding
    The catalyst which can raise your business to the next level.
  • Exit Planning
    The question is not whether it will happen, but rather when and how it will happen.

Our clients are...

  • ... Small and medium enterprises (SME), whose business operations are complex enough in the financial segment to require permanent support from an expert and experienced person, but who do not have the need, option, nor desire to hire a full-time finance director.