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  • Herewith I confirm the high efficiency of FI management and Mrs. Tomašković, professionalism and very high personal involvement in all the financial and operational issues connected with our business relations.

    Mariusz Oprawka, Procurement Specialist, Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp. z o.o., Plock, Poland
  • Based on a reference I received from a trustworthy person, I engaged FI management in the spring of 2014 to run the financial operations at ITAL-Opremanje d.o.o.

    At first I was somewhat surprised by the amount of changes that have been implemented since then in day-to-day business activities, as well as the comprehensive and all-encompassing approach – not only to finances – but also to the business processes of the company. I placed my complete trust and support into the suggested changes, which, after a short adjustment period, resulted in an ever-increasing level of availability of accurate, dependable, and timely data.

    Now I no longer need to spend time on administrative-financial issues, and my associates and I are able to give our full entrepreneurial energy, creativity, and concentration to our clients, the market, and the further development of ITAL-Opremanje.

    Igor Šuper, Director and Owner, ITAL-Opremanje d.o.o.
  • Our business runs through two companies and we encountered some difficulties while preparing the final account. Through a reference we contacted FI management and Ms. Tomašković who immediately found the time to come to our assistance. After only three meetings and a couple of phone calls the problem was solved and we ended the job in the best possible way for our companies.

    Consequently, we contacted Ms. Tomašković by phone on several occasions after that regarding some information and instructions which she was happy to provide immediately and so be of assistance in that way. A big thank you to Ms. Tomašković and her team; we gladly recommend her without hesitation.

    Karmen Pavić, Founder and Owner, Čarobna šuma Daycare and Didi Daycare
  • Mirjana Tomašković was a close associate of mine for a period of over five years during my position as Member of the Management Board and President of the Management Board later on, during a time that was extremely difficult for Dioki Group. The challenges which we faced at that time were major and exhausting, and managing the company without the quality support of associates who are willing and capable of tackling complex tasks, would have been impossible.

    Mirjana’s energy, professionalism, dedication to her work and our mutual goals; her eye for detail, as well as a broad understanding of all aspects of the problem were of vital importance not only for the company but for me personally as well.

    Leo Dolezil, Supervisory Board Member, DINA-Petrokemija d.d.
  • I had a chance to work with Mirjana before and during my professional engagement on the Management Board of Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank d.d. Zagreb. During that period of 4 years in which Mirjana worked for the Bank, she performed her duties at different managerial positions in the Bank and related companies both responsibly and professionally.

    During that time, Mirjana displayed excellent negotiating, analytical and managerial skills, regardless of whether she was dealing with project management or the organization of a team of associates. Accountability, focus, and attention to detail are qualities that were the deciding factors for the quality finish of the planned activities in the set deadlines. Working with positive energy and a smile, she turned the job into pleasure for both herself and for her associates.

    I am convinced that with her understanding of her colleagues and the environment, work ethics, and creativity, she will contribute to the development of the business culture and the successful realization of her clients’ business goals.

    Krešimir Starčević, Senior Executive Director of Corporate Legal Affairs, Corporate Investment and Investment Maintenance, Atlantic Group