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Thank you for your compliments and cooperation!

Project List

Some of the projects were as follows:

  • Financial Management:

    • Ital-Opremanje d.o.o.

    • Čarobna šuma Daycare and Didi Daycare

  • Financing:

    • VCM&PVC project at Dina-Petrokemija d.d. – Creditor: the European Investment Bank, amount of funding: EUR 34.0 million, which was the first funding of that sort by the EIB in the Republic of Croatia granted to the corporate sector;

    • Managing the overall debt of Dioki Group;

  • Restructuring and Pre-Bankruptcy Settlements:

    • Dioki Group: Dioki d.d. and 6 Group related companies – drawing up restructuring plans, negotiations with key creditors and institutions, preparation of materials and managing pre-bankruptcy settlements;

  • Crisis Management:

    • DIOKI d.d.

    • Oprema Olkon d.d.

  • Takeovers & Due Diligence $ Joint Venture & Privatizations:

    • Adriatic Charter d.o.o.

    • Zagrebačka pivovara d.d. / Interbrew S.A.

    • Solaris d.d.

    • IPK MIA d.d. / Meggle

    • Hotel Split d.d.

    • Hoteli Maestral d.d.

    • Slavonija Slad d.d. / Boortmalt International S.A.

    • Hidroelektra-Niskogradnja d.d.

    • Brodogradilište Punat d.d.

    • Nauta Lamjana d.d. / Jupiter Adria

    • Slobodna Dalmacija d.d. / EPH

  • Squeezing out Minority Shareholders:

    • Slavonska banka d.d.

    • Punta Skala d.d.