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With a goal in mind at all times even the slowest progress is quicker than the fastest one without a goal.

Our clients are...

Our clients are...

... Small and medium enterprises (SME), whose business operations are complex enough in the financial segment to require permanent support from an expert and experienced person but who do not have the need, option, nor desire to hire a full-time finance director.

In recent years the small business sector is showing a trend of increase in employment and export, increase of investments in long-term assets, and a growth of profit. Compared to previous periods, there is easier access to funding, regardless of whether it refers to credits with a market or subsidized interest rate, guarantees, non-refundable incentives, or investors interested in investing in their projects.

In that sense, certain infrastructural prerequisites are being created for the increase in competitiveness of small businesses and development of innovative projects or new production capacities. But what about the internal capacities of the business owner to take advantage of these opportunities? Can financiers rely on financial statements and figures? Are business operations structured in a way so as to enable further growth and expansion? Do you have a system that will allow for quality preparation of the necessary documentation and subsequent management thereof?

We have established that a large number of entrepreneurs from the small enterprises sector lack personnel who possess the appropriate financial knowledge to actively monitor and improve business processes, as well as be in charge of identifying opportunities for funding and their formation into concrete projects.

The concept of a part-time finance director meets precisely the requirements of small and medium enterprises: day-to-day management (or coordination) of the company’s finances by a highly-skilled person who is available in a sufficient measure to meet the company’s needs and at a price that is proportionate to the performed engagement.

Of course, such a person will add value to the company through the change he/she will bring. Would you like to have such support? Does your company need change and adjustments? It is up to you to decide and we can start the change together.