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By keeping their eyes on the goal, even the slowest progress faster than those who are the fastest but lack a goal.

Business Advisory

Business Advisory

At the times of increasingly dynamic markets, business consulting can be the wind in the sails of your company to make it grow and operate successfully on a long-term basis. We can find the best financing models for you to allow you to ensure resources for your growth. Having the right information at the right time means a market advantage you can achieve if you surround yourself with the right people. We will help you to wisely join forces. We will monitor your growth and help you organise both your system and staff. When you outgrow external accounting, you can easily implement it internally with our help.

We are offering you the support that will provide you with a realistic insight into your business and the opportunity to optimise it. With the assistance of FI management, reduce costs, increase profitability, and ensure a bright future for your business!

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  • Financing
    Do you manage to keep up with all the segments of modern business? Do you want investors to recognise your business ideas as promising?
  • Projects
    Do you know that an idea or a recognised opportunity is only half the success? If you need help with the other half, contact us!
  • Accounting
    Do you need help with system and staff organisation? You've outgrown external accounting, but you do not know what to do next?
  • BI & Networking
    Do you always have the right information at the right time? Do you have an advantage of being surrounded by the right people?
  • M&A Advisory
    Are you planning to take over another company or merge with an external partner through recapitalisation? We assist both sellers and buyers.
  • Restructuring
    Is your company having ever more difficulty keeping up with the competition and with changes? It's time to restructure.
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  • Krešimir Starčević, Senior Executive Director of Corporate Legal Affairs, Corporate Investment and Investment Maintenance, Atlantic Group
    I had a chance to work with Mirjana before and during my professional engagement on the Management Board of Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank d.d. Zagreb. During that period of 4 years in which Mirjana worked for the Bank, she performed her duties at different managerial positions in the Bank and related companies both responsibly and professionally. During that time, Mirjana displayed excellent...
  • Dalibor Janeš, member of the company, La Bodega Mediterana d.o.o.
    Mirjana Tomašković came to the Bodega Group as the Financial Director in the fall of 2016. In the two years she was with us, her contribution to increasing the efficiency and quality of our daily business was extraordinary. I can easily say that she is one of those professionals in her industry who you can tell enjoy their work. She has outstanding...
  • Leo Dolezil, Supervisory Board Member, DINA-Petrokemija d.d.
    Mirjana Tomašković was a close associate of mine for a period of over five years during my position as Member of the Management Board and President of the Management Board later on, during a time that was extremely difficult for Dioki Group. The challenges which we faced at that time were major and exhausting, and managing the company without the quality support of associates...
  • Hugo Baus, Member of the Management Board, Obonjan rivijera d.d.
    During the demanding period of the business operations of Obonjan rivijera, Ms Mirjana Tomašković, as a financial director, provided us with support and invaluable assistance, not only within, but also beyond her powers. Without her, the running of the business processes of the company and the performance of my duties as a member of the Management Board would be unthinkabl...
  • Karmen Pavić, Founder and Owner, Čarobna šuma Daycare and Didi Daycare
    Our business runs through two companies and we encountered some difficulties while preparing the final account. Through a reference we contacted FI management and Ms. Tomašković who immediately found the time to come to our assistance. After only three meetings and a couple of phone calls the problem was solved and we ended the job in the best possible way for our companies. Consequ...
  • Igor Šuper, Director and Owner, ITAL-Opremanje d.o.o.
    Based on a reference I received from a trustworthy person, I engaged FI management in the spring of 2014 to run the financial operations at ITAL-Opremanje d.o.o. At first I was somewhat surprised by the amount of changes that have been implemented since then in day-to-day business activities, as well as the comprehensive and all-encompassing approach – not only to finances...
  • Mariusz Oprawka, Procurement Specialist, Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp. z o.o., Plock, Poland
    Herewith I confirm the high efficiency of FI management and Mrs. Tomašković, professionalism and very high personal involvement in all the financial and operational issues connected with our business relations.
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